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Our Oil Purification Machine

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Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co.,Ltd,  manufacturer of hydraulic oil purification systems, announced that it has developed a version of its purification technology to serve the commercial airline industry.
Our oil purification systems are currently deployed in the industrial manufacturing sector, which uses mineral-based oils in its hydraulic equipment. Commercial planes use Skydrol, a synthetic fluid that costs considerably more than mineral-based oils, making purification a potentially enormous cost-savings proposition for the airlines.
oil purification can extend the life of hydraulic components by as much as ten times. The cost savings benefits are many, from reduced component wear and maintenance costs to the reduction or elimination of new oil purchases and waste oil disposal costs.
“Aviation customers, especially airlines and other aircraft operators, OEMs, and MROs, can now reap the same benefits through the purification of Skydrol at low cost,” 
Hachadoorian says. “The relatively high price tag of Skydrol makes the savings potential even greater.”

 “Our technology will help aviation stakeholders keep their components on wing longer, thus minimizing hydraulic component removal rates and boosting reliability, “This translates into lower aircraft-on-ground rates, shorter delay time, and leaner hydraulic component inventory requirements. When you add up the high costs of hydraulic fluid and component replacement, the savings gained through purification with our machines will be significant.”
Oil purification and recycling can drastically reduce component wear, and thus downtime. We think the airline industry will quickly see the value in making hydraulic oil purification part of its normal .


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