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On-site meter testing equpment, oil analyzer, oil dielectric strength tester
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On-site meter testing equpment, oil analyzer, oil dielectric strength tester

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We all understand the need to conserve both energy and resources in order to remain competitive. Can your business really afford to not accurately measure and test your electricity consumption? Zera offers proven, reliable meter test product that can withstand the rigours of any environment. Over 10 years of experience in meter testing means you can rely on the experts to keep an eye on what matters most.

Contact TOP today before the rising cost of electricity affects more than just your blood pressure.

On-site meter testing has become important for electric utilities around the world. This ensures improved revenue, regulatory compliance and improves client satisfaction, but most importantly it ensures the correct recording of energy consumption. The need for improved accuracy of meter test equipment and technological advances has led to new meter test designs, functionalities and features in the latest series of portable meter testing equipment. Today, meter test equipment improves accuracy of electrical consumption tests and has advance value added features.

Our oil tester/ analyzer: 
Series IIJ-II Insulating oil breakdown strength tester(oil BDV tester
Series HTJS-H Insulating oil dielectric tester (dielectric loss tester for insulating oil)
Series HTJS-V Tan-Delta Tester (anti-jamming dielectric loss tester for HV electrical equipment)
Series TP-3A Water content tester/ moisture sensor 
Series TPV-8 Viscosity analyzer 
Series TPC-2100 Flash point analyzer (close cup) 
Series TPO-2100 Flash point analyzer (open cup) 
Series CL-3 Interfacial tension analyzer


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