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Newly Design Mini Vacuum Oil Purifier TYN
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Newly Design Mini Vacuum Oil Purifier TYN

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            Newly Design Mini Vacuum Oil Purifier TYN

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TYN Series mini vacuum oil purifier specially designed to remove water, gas, and impurities form oils such as hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and cooling oil and the similarities.It can remove the water, gas, impurities, volatile matter and acidic substances in oil quickly to improve the quality of oil, restore oil viscosity, flash point and performance.Especially suit for various kinds of lubricating oil in factory with small powder, small oil storage ,labs and similar conditions.



1.Powerful purification. Using the filter material with composite microporous structure,having corrosion resistance, heat resistance, good mechanical strength and long service life,can purify the fine impurities deeply.


2.The high-efficient degassing and dehydration. This machine used a foreign advanced large area, multi-level oil and water separation technology. It is easy to separate a lot of water content in the oil, but also easy to remove the trace of water in the oil.


3.Simple operation, safety and reliability. The machine is equipped with pressure protection, automatically controlling heating temperature, low, medium and high level protection, automatically  switching the oil inlet and recycling.


4.The equipment is small size, light weight,and easy to transportation.


Technical Parameter

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