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Keep your transformer working like a well-oiled machine
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Keep your transformer working like a well-oiled machine

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Just like a car, your transformer needs regular oil conditioning to rid it of harmful contaminants that could shorten its life

Maintaining substation transformers isn't a new idea, but it's not always given the attention it deserves. Transformers will self-destruct over time, and failure to conduct regular transformer oil testing can allow problems to go undetected. With proper oil maintenance, however, that breakdown could take several years.

The transformer's insulation is the root of the problem. Its two components, oil and cellulose paper, interact to create byproducts that decompose the insulation system. Not only that, the byproducts will increase moisture levels and create an environment that will overheat the transformer, which will eventually cause the transformer to fail.

You must first understand the problem before you can treat it. In the presence of a catalyst, such as copper, oxygen will react to form those byproducts that attack the transformer's insulation paper. Ironically, paper has an affinity for the very byproducts that contribute to its destruction, compounding the problem. In time, further reactions will create other destructive byproducts like acids, alcohols, and sludge. After saturating the paper, these byproducts will precipitate out and contaminate the oil.

With TOP Series ZYD transformer oil purifier, electrical life are brought equivalent in new transformer oil. Transformer oil regeneration process can be eliminate acid, moisture, gas, sediment,fitler particles from the oil with the thermo-vacuum system and improve the quality.


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