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Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) Trace Detector For Benchtop Gas Chromatograph
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Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) Trace Detector For Benchtop Gas Chromatograph

  • GC-2010

Product Description

The stand-alone IMS by G.A.S. mbH enables the use of the IMS technology in very demanding gas phase applications where high separation capabilities and/or sensitivity are needed. Compared to other detectors the IMS offers a second dimension of separation and by that full orthoganality so that co-eluting compounds can still be separated before they are detected at low-/sub ppb level. According to the laws of IMS which operates at atmospheric pressure ions are separated by their mass and structure. Therefore isomeric compounds can also be separated.

The applied tritium source with a low intensity lies below the exemption limit of the EU directive 96/29 EURATOM. The operation of the device can be in the positive mode to e.g. test for heteroatomic compounds while also performing with outstanding sensitivity in the negative mode for e.g. halogenated or sulphurous substances.

The device comes as ready-to-couple with softwares for setting of detector parameters same as drift gas flow. The provided transfer line is temperature-controlled to avoid ‘cold spots‘. With the oven exit on the right the GC-typical MSD (mass selective detector), located on the

left side, can still be used in parallel.



• Sensitive: Detection limits in the low ppbv (µg/m3) range for VOCs with heteroatoms like ketones, aldehyds, alcohols, amines or halogenated and sulphurous compounds

• Selective due to specific analyte ion drift times (2 dimensional separation, full orthogonality)

• Flexible: Positive and negative ion generation

• High GC sampling frequency

• No licence for 3H source required

according to EU directive 96/29 EURATOM

• High reproducibility

• Operation with nitrogen or synthetic air

• Atmospheric Pressure Ionisation (API)

• Stand alone data aquisition software and software suite for 3D GC-IMS data analysis

• No need for a radiation protection officer



Dimensions: Agilent version: 331x143x475 mm (HxWxD) Shimadzu version: 384x171x483 mm (HxWxD)

Transfer line: temperature-controlled ≤ 350°C

Driftgas inlet and outlet: 3 mm or 1/8“ Swagelok

Sample inlet: PEEK tubing, 0.5 mm inner diameter

Driftgas: N2 / Synthetic air quality 5.0 (controlled by MFC)



• Analysis of complex headspace compositions of raw material, foodstuff or beverages regarding flavour inducing compounds, e.g. [1]

• Support of sensory panels via impartial flavour documentation in quality control resp. off-smell detection

• Detection of low sulphurous compounds (H2S, COS, DMS, mercaptanes) or halogenated hydrocarbons (methylene chloride, chloroform, e.g.) at low ppb-level

• Test for aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, siloxanes, carboxylic acids, aromatic compounds, esters, ether, terpenes, isocyanates, etc.



Communication: USB 2.0

Power consumption: max. 40 W

Weight: 8 kg

DC input: 24 V DC ±10 %

Signal output: USB 2.0

Control interface: USB 2.0

Remote cable for synchronization IMS and GC



Ionisation: ß-radiation

Source: Tritium (3H) < 370 MBq à below the exemption limit of 1 GBq acc. to EURATOM 96/29

Maintenance: Routine check-up every 24 month

Detection limit: Typically low ppb-range

Dynamic range: typically 3 orders of magnitude



"• Stand alone data aquisition software (IMS sensor)

• Software suite for 3D data analysis (GC-IMS)

• Software for MFC (drift gas mass flow controller)"


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