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Intelligent Battery Activator BAI-701
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Intelligent Battery Activator BAI-701

  • BAI-701



Product Description


Storage Battery Intelligent Activator is special equipment for activation of VRLA (hereinafter referred as storage battery) with bad capacity caused by plate sulfuration crystallization. It possesses the functions of “activation” “check discharge” and “automatic charging” and etc.

This equipment adopts current advanced testing technology theory, and it has obtained a series of breakthrough in research and application of new technology, new parts, new material and new technics, which could operate check discharge test, 3-stage automatic charging for the actual conditions of different bad battery, or set up multi-cycles for the battery to operate multi-cycles charge and discharge, activate invalid active material of battery plate again, and improve bad capacity. Simultaneously it is equipped with PC application software, upload collecting data to PC in order to perform all kinds of analyses.     

Its big discharge power, small volume, light weight, complete function of data management software of upper computer, and friendlyhumanized interaction interface could greatly reduce the workload of daily testing and maintenance of storage battery, and is a best assistant for storage battery maintenance work. Please carefully read this manual before use for fear cause damage by improper use!

The operation manual is suit for 07. 08 serise of   Storage Battery Intelligent Activator, As   for example, this specification are only for reference, the product may vary.


Main functions and features

Activation function:

When the battery is under the conditions of on-line floating charge or off-line, the battery should be activated. Set up activation cycling, charge and discharge time of single activation, protective voltage and other parameters before activation, the instrument would operate activation function automatically; display battery voltagecharge/discharge currentcharge/discharge capacitycharge/discharge time and etc at real time; pre-defined activation cycle completion or manually final operation would stop activation process.

Check discharge function:

Perform check discharge of constant current taking advantage of intellectualized dummy load when the battery is under the condition of off-line, set up the parameters of “discharge current” “discharge time” “discharge capacity” “final voltage”, and the tester could carry out discharge function automatically, display discharge currentbattery discharged capacitythe battery voltage, discharge time and etc at real time; when the battery reaches pre-defined final conditions or manually final operation could stop discharge test.

Charge function:

When the battery is under the conditions of on-line floating charge or off line, operate automatic charge for the battery, set up the parameters of “charge current” “charge time” “final voltage”and etc, the instrument would operate charge function automatically, and display the data of charge currentbattery charged capacitybattery voltagecharge time and etc, when the battery reaches pre-defined final charge condition or manually final operation could stop charge.

Real-time data memory:

Large data memory. Save 10 groups of activation data10 groups of check discharge test data10 groups of charge test data; the user could perform query, deletion and export operation for the data.

Data upload and export:

The test data could be uploaded to PC by 232 serial port, and could also be exported to U disc for save.

Automatic protection function:

When detecting battery is abnormalworking of activator is abnormal during test, the activator would stop the test automatically in order to protect the battery.

The activator adopts the design integrating monitoring part with power part. The monitoring part adopts high-speed A/DD/A, which makes measurement and control quicker and more accurate; the power part adopts new-type high-effective parts, and it is a storage battery maintenance instrument with small volume and high-efficiency.

Humanized operation interface, simple operation, clear flow, and each operation could have English cue.

 Sea of blue high-brightness large LCD with clear and nice display effect.

Powerful functions of upper computer data management software, friendly interface, which could offer data management, statistics of report forms, automatic creation of test report and etc.


Technical data

Measurement type of cell voltage


Measurement range of cell voltage

2V:03V; 6V: 4-8V; 12V:4-15V

Resolution of cell voltage

2V: 0.001V,6V: 0.01V, 12V:0.01V

Voltage testing accuracy


Working range of charge and discharge current


Control accuracy of charge and discharge current


Current testing accuracy


Battery capacity check range

2V:20-1000Ah; 6V:20-200Ah:12V:20-300Ah;

Working voltage

AC 220±15%

Communication mode

RS232 communication and USB communication

Cooling mode

Refrigeration by blasting

Working environment

Temperature: 0℃40℃    Humidity: 20%80%RH

Storage condition

-20℃70℃  package and storage

Display mode

LCD with High-brightness

External dimensions(w×h×l)




Carry method

Portable type ,move with roller wheel



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