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Insulating Oil
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Insulating Oil

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1. Single -vacuum Oil Purifier 
2. Filter out water, gas, and mechanical contaminants 
3. For transformer oil recycling 

 Product features: 

1. Simple in operation convenient in moving and high efficiency in oil treatment.

2. As the new technology, vacuum-segregating  employs a particular stainless steel, foldable column for dehydration and degassing ,and enlarges the area of separating to facilate three-dimensional evaporation, so as to abtain enough time for degrassing and achieve the best effect of separation.

3. Using new type of heating equipment, which has low heating load and is able to prevent oil from ageing.

4. Oil level control adopt photoelectric way and features a very sensitive precise control. Even foams can be sensed, and thus there is no possibility of oil spray. It uses a special high-vicosity oil feed pump and a special sealing treatment. It is free from oil leakage, low in operation noise, and long in useful life.

5. It also features a scientifically designed precision filtering element. In this filter, China-made filtering elements can be inter-replaced with italy imported ones so that users can resort to a suitable filter material according to thei quality of different oil. Thus the use costs and oil treatment effects can be taken into balanced account.


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