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Hydraulic Turbine Governor Simulation Test Instrument TGST-202
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Hydraulic Turbine Governor Simulation Test Instrument TGST-202

  • TGST-202



Product Description

Product Description:

The TGST-202 hydraulic turbine speed control system simulation tester is a comprehensive test platform developed by Wuhan Huaying Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. for the detection of the characteristics of the hydropower speed control system and the hydropower automatic quasi-synchronization system. The instrument can complete the hydraulic turbine speed control system. Test items such as no-load swing, no-load disturbance, load rejection, immobile time, governor static characteristics, servomotor switching rules, simulation on/off support, frequency dead zone measurement, load response test and primary frequency regulation of the power grid, etc. Automatically generate various types of test reports. TGST-202 can also be used as a general-purpose recorder and frequency generator, and the system sampling frequency can reach 4KHZ, which greatly broadens the scope of use of the instrument and enhances the flexibility of the instrument.

TGST-202 integrates five different types of hydraulic turbine unit models. The instrument can execute the simulation function of these models to form a closed-loop system with the governor, so that the governor can be very convenient without being connected to the real unit. Complete dynamic detection.


Technical Index:

TGST-202 has a powerful software system, which greatly improves the flexibility and versatility of the instrument while ensuring that the instrument can easily complete various tests. The main characteristics of the instrument's software system can be summarized as follows:

1. The instrument can automatically generate WORD test report and Excel test report

2. The test report automatically identifies the curve, so that the test report is fully automated

3. The names and units of all sampling channels can be redefined

4. The test environment settings and instrument settings of various tests are automatically saved

5. Built-in 5 unit models of mixed flow type, axial flow type, impulse type, tubular type and non-linear flow type, to meet the simulation support of different types of governors

6. Automatic calculation of test parameters for various tests

7. Simple and convenient channel filtering method

8. Use storage devices such as U disk or mobile hard disk to easily export test data

9. Real-time drawing of test curves, and a variety of curve analysis tools are improved, so that users can perform arbitrary zoom and positioning operations on the curve

10. WindowsXPE operating system, which can realize the self-protection and recovery of the software system to prevent virus penetration and erosion

11. Using anti-shake processing to avoid user error operation

12. Real-time monitoring of input signals, timely and automatic removal of input signals that exceed the measuring range, and protection of signal acquisition channels and instruments


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