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How to clean used transformer oil?
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How to clean used transformer oil?

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Used transformer oil solutions:

Used insulating oil, old transformer oil and aging insulation oil is generally mixed with gas, water and particles, and other contaminants. The content of the contaminants generally increases with time. In the oil treatment by our oil purification plants, these associated gases, water and contaminants are separated and removed from the oil. In transformer applications, it is critical that the transformer oil can not contain too much of these substances. So our oil filtration equipments can solve this problem to make the oil clean and reusable, then final oil treated by our oil filtration system can be used into these electrical devices again.

How to purify used transformer oil?

Our TOP double-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier machine series ZYD for electric power department and industries to deal with various oils such as transformer oil, mutual oil, switch oil and so on.

1, Remove water from transformer oil, such as free water, trace water and so on by the double stage vacuum system. And this oil filter can eliminate water content from oil completely.

2, Remove gas, air content from the old transformer oil by vacuum degassing system.

3. Remove impurities, tiny particles, acidity, sludge, free carbon, other soluble oil decay products and discoloration substances by 3 filters (Primary filter, secondary filter, fine filter).

4. Independent vacuum oiling system for transformers, this oil purifier can also vacuum dry transformer and on-line operation with transformer .

5. It is mainly used for purifying the insulating oil, transformer oil, mutual oil, switch oil, dielectric oil and so on. The standard ZYD oil filtration system is designed for processing oils in workshops, in storage tanks or directly in transformers (energized or de-energized transformers).


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