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Horizontal spiral unloading settling centrifuge
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Horizontal spiral unloading settling centrifuge


Model :

Product Description

Horizontal spiral unloading settling centrifuge is a setting type centrifuge which can work continuously and automatically, and the feeding, separation, dehydration and unloading of materials can be operated continuously and automatically at a full speed. This machine is mainly used for solid-liquid separation of suspension having a solid phase granularity of a large range, low concentration and medium concentration, and can complete the solid phase dehydration, liquid phase separation, liquid-liquid-solid separation, and particle size classification and other separation processes. With a strong adaptability to materials, it has large application range. This machine is especially suitable for the separation of suspension having a solid phase granularity of 0.005-2 mm, concentration of 1-50%, temperature of 0-90°C, and greater solid phase proportion than liquid phase proportion. As the spiral unloading is adopted, the solid phase particle is damaged to a certain extent, the washing effect of the sediment is poor. So this machine is not suitable for separation of materials requested by the above two situation.
1. Main mode:
D series: introduced products when our company cooperate with the French GUINARD company have the following main specifications:
D1, D2, D3, D4, D5 and D6.
LW series: products developed and designed by our company in recent years have the following main specifications:
LW200, LW350, LW450, LW520, LW650, LW800 and LW1000.
WL series: old products of our company have the following specifications:
WL200, WL350, WL450 and WL600.
The above products of each specification may refer to different products having a diameter of 2 to 4.2 according to separation requirements.
2. Application range:
Food: Animal fats; blood; beer yeast and cold slag; casein; clarified butter; coffee essence; corn wine residue; alcohol lees; drinking water treatment; fish meal; fish washing; fruit juice; pectin; lactose; gravy; molasses; mycelium; potato residue; potato protein; protein; sorbic acid; soybean powder; grain slag; starch; plant extracts; vegetable; vegetable juice; wheat starch; wine and beer.
Environmental protection: city sewage treatment; city drinking water treatment; industrial sewage treatment; waste oil and oil sludge treatment.
Chemicals: aluminum hydroxide; barium sulfate; bauxite; bentonite; calcium carbonate; calcium fluoride; calcium sulfate; carbide sludge; sodium hydroxide; cellulose derivatives; clay; cryolite; two terephthalic acid methyl ester; epoxy resin; fluorescent materials; graphite; gypsum; iron; iron oxide; kaolin; latex; lead oxide; lead sulfate; lime; hydrogen manganese oxide; mica; mineral oils; nickel hydroxide; paint; pharmaceutical intermediates; phosphoric acid phosphate; pigments; plastic products; derivatives; polyethylene; polystyrene; polypropylene; polyvinyl chloride; silicates; silicon dioxide; sodium chloride; and titanium oxide; calcium phosphate; salt; vitamin; Zinc Oxide; zinc; zinc sulfate.
Other: drilling fluid; liquid manure.

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Technical Parameter

Model Drum diameter
Draw Ratio Speed
Separator factor Motor
Size (mm)
LW200x880 200 4 4800 2840 7.5-11 1000 2658x740x781
LW350x1460 350 4 4000 3100 22 2020 3542x1010x1030
LW450x1800 450 4 3200 2577 30-37 3500 4122x1090x1250
LW450x2025 450 4.5 3200 2577 30-37 3800 4560x1090x1250
LW530x2120 530 4 2800 2327 45-55 4200 4728x1230x1455
LW530x2650 530 5 2500 2150 37-55 4500 5050x1230x1350
LW630x2300 630 3.65 2500 2205 75 8000 5110x1440x1750


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