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Effect of Filtration used oils
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Effect of Filtration used oils

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Discarded oil is one of the major sources of pollution. Studies have indicated that mishandling of waste oil can cause ground water pollution, soil pollution and air pollution. Waste oils are carcinogenic and therefore can be injurious to health.

Ideally, waste oil generated should be re-refined and used again. However, studies indicate that a lot waste oil is used for lubricating machines or burnt indiscriminately. Where oil is used for lubricating machines, there are possibilities that this oil finds its way into ground water when shop floors are cleaned. It has been proven that a drop of oil can contaminate a ton of groundwater. Figure below shows engine oil discarded by transporters causing groundwater pollution. 

Waste oil can also contaminate groundwater and cause soil pollution during transportation from the site where they are collected to the re-refining plant because of leakages and improper handling. Burning oil can cause air pollution, by releasing hydrocarbons and heavy metals into the air. Engine oils can also cause waste emissions in engines while in operation.


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