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DTT Dry Test Transformer
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DTT Dry Test Transformer

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Product Description

Product Description:

GYD light dry-type test transformer uses advanced production equipment, adopts the new technology of coil winding epoxy vacuum casting and CD-type iron core. Compared with similar products of oil-immersed transformers, it significantly reduces the weight and volume. In terms of quality Improve the insulation strength and moisture resistance, and effectively weaken the magnetic leakage and greatly strengthen the transformer's ability to withstand the impact of the test short-circuit current.

Dry-type test transformers are suitable for on-site testing of various electrical equipment insulation performance tests in power systems and various power users, as well as high-voltage power supplies in various voltage systems or devices with DC high-voltage and low-current electrical products. It outputs AC and DC high voltage, and provides high voltage for various high voltage tests. Dry-type test transformers are used for on-site testing of the insulation performance of various electrical equipment.

The company participated in the formulation of the test transformer industry standard "DL/848.2~2004 General Technical Requirements for Power Frequency High Voltage Test Equipment"


Technical index:

1. Impedance voltage: 4.5%8%;

2. Output voltage waveform: sine wave;

3. Surface temperature rise: <55℃;

4. No-load loss: 0.2%0.35%;

5. Allow continuous operation time: 1 hour;

6. Continuous running time: continuous


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