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ASTM D93 Automatic Closed Cup Flash Point Tester Model TPC-122A
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ASTM D93 Automatic Closed Cup Flash Point Tester Model TPC-122A

  • TPC-122A


Product Description


TPC-122A Automatic Closed Cup Flash Point Tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB/T 261-2008 and ASTM D93. It is suitable for the automatic determination of the closed cup flash point of petroleum products. There are two ignition methods: electronic ignition and gas ignition. The random configuration includes the necessary parts for the test which can be completed without additional spare parts. All components are imported, such as sensors, industrial computers, etc., which greatly guarantees the accuracy of the data and the stability of the instrument.


Software performance:

1. The instrument can operate independently or connect to multiple PCs through HLIS/ALAN to control. The operator can choose quick method or built-in operating instructions to define the test process. It can store 200 groups of data reports, displaying, printing and making LIMS transmission of customized design test reports..

2. In addition to the fixed heating rate specified in the method standard, the user can customize the heating rate from 0.5 to 14°C/min so that the user can edit a specific flash point test method.

3. In addition to the fixed ignition test frequency specified in the method standard, the user can  make customized igniting frequency from 0.5 to 5°C, enabling the user to edit a specific test method.

4. Have the functions of automatic detection of atmospheric pressure and automatic calculation in accordance with the actual pressure.

5. The built-in diagnostic program can check every core component and functional block of the instrument.

6. It can automatically calibrates the sample temperature test system and compensate for the drift. PT100 can calibrate the temperature point through the screen.

7. Hierarchical access prevents random modification of the parameters of the test program.

8. When there is a blue screen, system crash, etc. during use, the instrument has a one-key recovery function and retains the original test data and setting procedures.



1. 8 inch color touch LCD display screen with full Chinese operation interface not only displays the flash point, but also displays and modifies the expected flash point, use standard, maximum flash point, detection sensitivity setting value, test status monitoring, etc.

2. Industrial computer control performs heating and igniting operations in accordance with standards and uses the miniature thermocouple detector to detect the flash point.

3. Platinum resistance thermometer is used to measure the temperature of sample and heater. The structure of the detector itself improves the maintainability and robustness of the detector.

4. The instrument is equipped with an atmospheric pressure sensor. The measurement result is automatically corrected in accordance with the measured atmospheric pressure.

5. The stepper motor is used to stir the sample with stable and accurate stirring speed fully complied with GB/T 261 and ASTM D93.

6. It can save 200 experimental results, print the results through the micro printer and upload the experimental data to the LIMS system.

7. Two ignition methods: gas ignition and electronic ignition.


Technical parameters:

Test range: 40300℃

Temperature range of temperature sensor: 0+450℃; temperature accuracy: ±0.1℃.

Built-in atmospheric pressure sensor, range: 70110kPa (50800mmHg); make calibration, store calibration records, and the range is suitable for high altitude areas.

Stirring speed: 90-120rpm (GB/T 261 A, ASTM D93 A)

250rpm (GB/T 261 B, ASTM D93 B)

90-120rpm (ASTM D93 C)

Heating speed: 56℃/min (GB/T 261 A, ASTM D93 A)

11.5℃/min (GB/T 261 B, ASTM D93 B)

2.53.5℃/min (ASTM D93 C)

Gas source: Liquefied petroleum gas, propane

Dimension: 450×280×400 (mm)

Weight: 15kg


Accessories configuration (including manufacturer) (single unit):

Serial Number

Name and Specification Model




Host TPC-122

1 set


Steam temperature sensor PT100

1 pc


Test cup

1 pc




1 pc


Thermometer adapter

1 pc

Stainless steel



1 pc


Keyboard and mouse

1 set


Fuse Φ6×30  10A

1 pc



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