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ASTM D 240 Microcomputer Automatic Calorimeter TP-7000
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ASTM D 240 Microcomputer Automatic Calorimeter TP-7000

  • TP-7000


Product Description


1. The advanced electronic refrigeration process is completely immune to the influence of environmental temperature change to ensure that the temperature difference between the inner and outer cylinders meets the requirements of the national standard. It can continuously work  for a long time.

2. It has stainless steel vacuum inner cylinder. The stirring system adopts imported motors from Germany.

3. The test speed is fast. The test period is ≤8min (fast method), while ≤15min (national standard GB/T213-2008).

4. The product has excellent performance and reliability even in harsh environments.

5. It has compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to install and maintain with low failure rate.

6. It has small size. A large number of molds are used with high precision.

7. The repeatability and reproducibility of the calorific value test is better than the requirements of GB/T213-2008.

8.It has high degree of automation, automatic use the amount of water in the built-in fixed container, automatic control of the temperature difference between the inner and outer barrels, automatically complete the whole test process.It can be connected to an electronic balance.

9. The instrument adopts WindowsXP operation system to realize multi-control of one machine. Mutual test does not affect each other, and the software runs stably.

10. The data processing function is rich, and users can conveniently query historical test data, current day data and parallel sample data,etc.


Technical Parameters

Heat capacity: about 10500J/K

Temperature resolution 0.0001 ° C.

Ignition time: 3-5 seconds

Accuracy: <0.1%

Heat capacity stability <0.2%

Test time: ≤ 15 minutes

Single machine power consumption: ≤60W

Temperature range: 0-60 ° C

Power supply: 220V±10% 50Hz

Ambient temperature: 5-50 °C, the temperature change in the room does not exceed 1 °C, and there is no strong airflow and direct sunlight in the room; Relative humidity is not more than 80%.



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