Canadian Customer’s Visit to Our Instrument Manufacturing Department
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Many thanks to Canadian customer TRI Group Company for re-ordering various types of instruments from Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Co.Ltd.


From Nov. 26 to Nov. 29, 2018, Mr. Nicholas, Deputy Director of Sales Department and Mrs. Zhang, Product Consultant of TRI Group Company of Canada, visited the Instrument manufacturing department of Chongqing Top OIL Purifier Co.Ltd. We and TRI Group Company have a long-term and stable cooperative relationship. In this October, TRI company re-purchased a number of instruments for testing diesel/gasoline from our company, including water content tester, viscosity tester, smoke point tester, water separation tester, distillation range tester and laboratory fume hood etc. The main purpose of Mr. Nicholas's visit is to discuss further cooperation in the future and to learn the operation and maintenance of related instruments. 

         A Display of Some Instruments Purchased by TRI Group Company


Canadian customers visiting in the laboratory

During Canadian customers visit to our factory , we comprehensively introduced our companys research and development, production capacity and sales performance of our testing equipment. Mr. Allen Zhang, our sales manager, gave detailed explanations to customers' questions about the operations and maintenance of these instruments. Mr. Nicholas said that this visit and study had yielded great results. He spoke highly of the production strength and advanced technology of our equipment and expressed the willingness on behalf of TRI Group Company to cooperate with Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Co.Ltd further and deeply.