Digital Open Cup Flash Point Tester TPO-100

This device complies to requirements of GB/T3536-2008 Petroleum Products Flash Point And Fire Point Test Cleveland Open Cup Method. It’s suitable for testing flash point and fire point of petroleum products and pitch (except fuel oil) which open cup flash point is higher than 70℃. Also it’s applicable for JTJ052—2000 road rules T0611—1993 Pitch Flash Point And Fire Point Test (Cleveland Open Cup Method) , national standard ISO-2592 test method and ASTM D 92 standard.

1. Ignition rod automatically sweep stroke and ignite the experiments cups; reduce personal error.
2. Voltmeter directly display real-time voltage; intuitive and reliable.
3. Electric furnace heating power of 0 ~ 1000W; continuously adjustable.

Technical parameters:
1. Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz.
2. The heating device: quartz tube furnace heating; no fire; anti-explosion; adjustable power.
3. Thermometer: -6~400℃, indexing 2℃; technical conditions meet the requirements of GB/T514.
4. Ignition device: A fire source: gas (or other civilian combustible gas); nozzle aperture: 0.6--0.8mm.
5. Ambient temperature: -10℃~50℃.
6. Relative humidity: ≤85%.
7 Power consumption: less than 650W.