Automatic Potentiometric Titrator TP668

Potentiometric Titrator TP668 is an ideal content analyzer applicable for industries such as environmental protection chemical, metallurgy, pharmacy etc. It is used for content analysis of potentiometric titration such as acid base titration, oxidation-reduction titration, nonaqueous titration etc. It has automatic titration function. There is LED direct digital display of content titration value. It’s quite convenient and intuitive no matter it’s manual titrating or automatic titrating of presetting endpoint.

1.Automatic liquid imbibition, injection and testing functions;.
2.Tailer-made precise metric pump to ensure accuracy of titrating results.
3.Three-way valves and liquid lines are made of special material with great corrosion resistance to ensure long time continuous working.
4.Good system sealing to ensure no bubble in liquid lines.

Technical parameters:
1. Testing range: 0 ~ ±1999 mv  0.00 ~ 14.00pH
2. Testing accuracy: 0.1% FS mv  ±0.01pH
3. Control Accuracy: ±3mv  ±0.03pH
4. Min titrating amount: 0.02ml
5. Input impedance: > 1012Ω
6. Ambient temperature: 5 ~ 40 ℃
7. Relative humidity: ≤85%
8. Power consumption: 20w
9. Weight: 3.6 kg
10. Power supply: AC 220V±10%  50Hz±10%
11. Size: 300mm×280mm×310mm