Spontaneous Ignition Point Tester FP-706

this instrument is designed and manufactured under the requirements of state electric industry standard DL/T 706-1999 in “Method for the Determination of Anti-ignite Power Plant Ignition Point” enacted by People’s Republic of China, applicable to testing ignition point temperature of anti-fuel oil in the generator which turbine speed is more than 30MW.

1.The instrument uses advanced AI artificial intelligence algorithms for temperature control, the internal temperature of the vessel reached thermal equilibrium, temperature error in the top, middle, bottom of the flask controlled within 1℃.
2. The instrument uses a mirror to observe the anti-ignite fuel, convenient and reliable.
3.This instrument has a new design, beautiful appearance, test convenient, reliable performance, suitable for the testing of anti-ignite fuel and other specialty oils’ ignition point. The biggest feature of this instrument are: the use of intelligent temperature regulation and control technology, the temperature error in the top, middle and bottom of test flask controlled within 1℃.

Technical parameters:
1. Temperature range: room temperature ~ 800 ℃;
2. Temperature accuracy: flask top, middle, bottom temperature difference ≤1 ℃;
3. Conical flask: 200 ml;
4. Ambient temperature: room temperature ~ 50 ℃;
5. Relative humidity: <80%;
6. Power Supply: AC (220 ± 10%) V, 50Hz;
7. The maximum power <2000W.
9. Dimensions: 54mm*310mm*27mm