Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Chromatograph DGA

DGA2013-1 power system dedicated insulation oil and gas chromatograph runs by computer automatic control, all-keyboard operation and large-screen liquid crystal display according to the requirements of power system«dissolved gas component determination in insulation oil (chromatography)» ,and is characterized by high-precision temperature control, stable and reliable performance, high sensitivity, good reproducibility and so on. 
The analyzer adopts double-pillar parallel shunt system ,equipped with TCD, double FID and methane conversion oven, and could achieve total analysis of nine components (H2,O2,N2,CH4,C2H2,C2H4,C2H6,CO, CO2)of dissolved gas in insulation oil by one time. 
The analyzer can be employed for internal fault detection of power system oil and gas equipment, cooling medium analysis of hydrogen-cooled generators, impurity analysis of sulfur hexafluoride, the boiler flue gas analysis, gas analysis and environmental monitoring analysis. Due to its employment not only for special analysis, but also for general analysis, the analyzer becomes the most effective gas analytical instrument in petroleum, chemical engineering, mining and other systems.

Technical parameters:
1.1Temperature control
① Temperature range
 Column chamber: room temperature+15℃—399℃
Vaporizing chamber: room temperature+30℃—399℃
Conversion furnace :room temperature+30℃—399℃
Thermal conductivity detector: room temperature+30℃—399℃
Hydrogen flame detector :room temperature+30℃—399℃
② Temperature control precision: ±0.1℃
1.2 Thermal conductivity detector
① Sensitivity: minimum detectable concentration of hydrogen≥5μl/L
②Noise: ≤0.05mv
③Drift: ≤0.15mv/30min
1.3 Hydrogen flame detector
①Minimum detectable concentration of hydrocarbon≥5μl/L
②Minimum detectable concentration of CO、CO2≥5μl/L
③Noise: ≤0.05mv
④Drift: ≤0.15mv/30min
1.4 Whole machine start-up time: less than 3 hours

2.1 Computer-keyboard operation
This realizes five heating zone temperature control, detector control, over-temperature protection, "zero" degree protection, air break protection and other functions, so as to protect the chromatographic column and thermal conductivity rhenium tungsten filament most effectively.
2.2 Large-screen liquid crystal display
It could display a large amount of information intuitively and clearly.
2.3 Advanced chromatography process
Based on only one injection and three-detectors analytical process, the analyzer greatly increases detection sensitivity of hydrocarbon gas. Double hydrogen flame setting also reduces the detection impact caused by the gas content differences.

Working conditions:
3.1 Normal instrument working conditions
①Environmental condition:5℃—35℃
② Relative Humidity:≤80%
③ Power supply:220V±10%  50Hz±0.5Hz
④ 3KW power provided. 
⑤ No strong electromagnetic interference, corrosive gas and strong shock in the surroundings.
3.2 Gas source 
   ① Air purity: ensure the purity of carrier gas and hydrogen is more than 99.99%, the air to be used is purified and air generator function in dust, oil and water removal. 
    ②Output pressure of steel cylinder relief valve: nitrogen 0.35MPa, hydrogen 0.25MPa, air 0.35MPa 
    ③ Please replace steel cylinder timely when output pressure fell below 2MPa.
3.3 Ground wire
   To ensure personal safety and instrument performance, the instrument must be reliably linked to the land. It is suggested to bury the ground wire in the soil 1 meter below.