Crude Oil And Petroleum Products Salt Content Tester SCA-068

SCA-068 is designed as per ASTM D6470 and GB/T6532 “Test Methods for Salt Content of Crude Petroleum and Petroleum Products”.

SCA-068 is applicable to determine the amount of halide (concentration from 0.002% to 0.02% (m/m)) in crude oil, reduce oil, cracking residual oil and fuel oil.

SCA-068 Crude oil and Petroleum Products Salt Content Tester can also be used to estimate water turbine oil pollution and Marine fuel oil. If the test requirements within the scope of the accuracy of this method, it can also be used to identify other products.

Technical Parameters:
1. Extractor: as per GB/T6532;
2. Heating power of extractor: 300 W;
3. Voltage adjust power: 600 W
4. Insulating resistance of the instrument: not less than 2MΩ.
5. Power supply: 220±10V, 50Hz.