Digital Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter TP-1A

this instrument is designed and manufactured under the requirements of standard GB/T 213-2008 in “determination of calorific value of coal”, standard GB/T 384-1981 in “determination of calorific value of petroleum products” which promulgated by The People Republic of China, standard JJG 672-2001 in “oxygen bomb calorimeter” promulgated by Chinese national metrology bureau. Applicable to the testing of petroleum products without water(gasoline, jet fuel, diesel and fuel oil, etc.) through calorimeter oxygen bomb method, and the testing of calorific value of coal, coke, paraffin and other flammable substances.

Technical parameters:
1.Heat capacity:(14400~14500)J/K;
2.Temperature measuring range: (10~35)℃;
3.Temperature resolution: 0.001℃;
4.Repeatable error: ≤0.2%(C grad);
5.Oxygen bomb pressure: 20Mpa;
6.Ambient temperature: (20±5)℃, the temperature fluctuation is less than 1℃ within a test;
7.Storage temperature data: 31;
8.Ambient humidity: <85%;
Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz