Existent Gum Tester TP-509A

 this instrument is designed and manufactured under the requirement of the standard GB/T509 in “determination of design fuel gum”, applicable to test the gumming tendency of fuel(gasoline, kerosene, diesel) when engine is running. 

1.The instrument consists of oil bath and control box, small, reasonable design
2.Oil bath is a sandwich round steel container, Φ196mm, high 255mm, equiped with a 1000w electric heating pipe, oil bath control temperature accuracy is (150±3)℃,(180℃±3)℃,(250±5)℃.
3.Control box control the oil temperature in oil bath and the gas flow from external gas source. The biggest feature of this instrument are: the separation of high-temperature oil bath and control box, reasonable design, oil bath made of stainless steel, durable.

Technical parameters
1.Power supply:  AC(220±10%)V、50Hz
2.Bath forms; oil bath
3.Oil bath specification: Φ195mm×255mm
4.Oil bath capacity: 5000ml±50ml
5.Heating form: electric heater
6.Heating power: 1000W
7.Control temperature: room temperature~250℃
8.Temperature control accuracy: 150℃±3℃;180℃±3℃;250℃±5℃
9.Ambient temperature: room temperature~+35℃
10.Relative humidity: ≤85%
11.Power consumption: less than 1200W
12.Dimension: control box 280mm*260*380mm(length*width*height)
      Oil bath Ф250mm*450mm