Transformer Load And No-load Tester TOFT

Measure the transformer load current, load loss, short-circuit voltage, short circuit (load) losses.  

Test item:
RMS phase voltage
Average value of three-phase AC voltage
Three-phase current RMS
Percentage of no-load loss and no-load current:
Load loss, impedance voltage, and the percentage of short-circuit impedance:
Any given temperature, load loss, the percentage impedance voltage and short circuit impedance;
Voltage waveform in the percentage of each harmonic component
Current waveform in the percentage of each harmonic component;
Technical parameters:
Current measurement range: 100mA ~ 5A, accuracy class 0.2;
Voltage Range: 10V ~ 650V, accuracy class 0.2;
External transformer can broaden the scope of measurement instruments;
Frequency Range: 40 ~ 65Hz, accuracy class 0.2;
Power Input: AC220V ± 10%