Microcomputer Relay Tester RPT-PC

Relay protection test device is a important tool for the safety of electric power system. With the improvement of modern power system scale, the requirement of dependability and efficiency for power system running and management is increasing; and the task of relay protection test is becoming more and more frequent and complex.  Nowadays, with fast development of the computer, micro-electronic and power electric technology; it is certainly to use new skill pay-off in new type of high performance relay protection test device, which is our responsibility as also.

The microcomputer relay protection test device  is based on < The microcomputer relay protection test device technical conditions (preliminary draft) > of the National Department of Power and extensive suggestions of subscribers. We have summarized the disadvantages of the same kind productions, and used modern advanced microelectronics skills and elements in this new type relay protection test device. It is so advanced that it can run by itself as well as by connecting to laptop. The mainframe is composed of new generation high speed DSP, real 16 bit DAC model block, new type module high power amplifier, big screen LED and flexible rotatable mouse controller. The separate device has already strong function and it can do most experiments. If connected to computer, it will behave much more stronger. This device has super little cubage and high precision. It has the advanced functions of big machine and also has the dependability and facilitation of small machine. So we believe that it is the best choice of relay protection staffs.

1.Intelligent mainframe that is used high speed DSP.
High speed, wide frequency transmission, 360 high density fitting sine wave per period coursed to fundamental wave, these are the highest level among the products of the same class. Because of the large simple points, the wave figure is as same as the original shape especially, during the harmonic outputting, 300Hz can have the high density of 60 points per period even for the sixth harmonic.
2.Separately running
The vivid rotatable mouse through the big screen LED operates the device. In addition, the whole system is showed in Chinese. It can complete most field testing experiments, examine all kinds of relays (e.g. Current, voltage, time unlimited, power direction, Impedance, differential, low-frequency, synchronism, frequency, DC, medium, time, etc.) and micro-computer protection. Furthermore, the device can simulate the complex instantaneous, permanent, transformational faults to experiment in full groups.
3.  Run with connecting to computer
By the medium of the Chinese operation software in Windows 98 or Windows XP, it can do all kinds of large-scale more complex and automatable check missions. It can also test and scan a variety of protection parameters conveniently, save test data, display the vector diagram, plot the fault waveform, print statements online, etc. 
4.16 bit DAC chip
16-bit high resolution ratio ensures the precision and linearity of fitting waveform even during small single outputting.
5.  Big screen LED
The device uses the 320*240 dot matrix, high resolution ratio LED. All of the operations are set on the LED. The operation interface and the test results are displayed clearly in Chinese.
6.  “Idiot” operation
The advanced rotatable mouse controller simplifies the structure of the operation part; the controller is so convenient and fast that you can easy to master it.
7.New type power amplifier
The element used in output part is a new type large power module amplifier that can be used not only in current outputting but also in voltage outputting. During in voltage outputting, every phase can reach as high as AC100V. During in current outputting, the three phases can reach as high as AC90A.
8.Current, voltage output directly
Phase voltage and phase current are outputted in the type of DC amplifier. The device can output AC voltage, AC current, DC voltage, DC current directly. Furthermore, it can change the angle and the frequency, add zero to ninth harmonic to the output signals.
The device take on suitable heat sink structure and own diversified dependable protect measurements, electric power supply soft starting, failure auto-diagnostics and blockage functions.
10.Abundant contact
The device has 7 input points and 2 empty output points. The input points can adapt to the empty points as well as the 0~205V contacts. The device can identify them intelligently.
11.Compounded structure
Small cubage, light weight, staffs can carry it outdoor to do experiment conveniently with the power supply of AC220V
12.Abundant capabilities against low price
The device is designed by several different specialties; we integrated the advanced technical results of these specialties. So, it has the abundant capabilities of huge device as well as the low price of small device.

Technical parameters: