Series Resonance Test Equipment RTD

Series resonance test set is applied to testing the insulation ability of insulation materials in power equipment. The frequency of test voltage is adjustable which would lead to series resonance in testing circuit. Both the conductors connected in test circuit in series and the capacitors connected in test circuit in parallel are also adjustable. That makes the test set is widely applied in GIS, Power cable and generator insulation tester.

Technical parameters:
1 Max voltage output: 0~1000KV;
2 Max output Capacity: 0~6400KVA;
3 Test frequency range: 30~300HZ;
4 Frequency setting resolution: 0.1HZ;
5 Test voltage waveform: sine wave, waveform deviation factor : ≤1%;
6 Power supply: 380V±10%, three-phase 50Hz/60Hz
7 Environment condition: Temperature: 0~50°C
8 Humidity: ≤ 80%RH