Dynamic Resistance Tester DYN-007B

Product Introduction:
Also called: circuit breaker vibration analyzer; circuit breaker dynamic resistance tester; high voltage switch dynamic characteristics tester; high voltage circuit breaker analyzer.

1. Detecting circuit breaker parameters such as closing time, opening time, time non-synchronization, bouncing etc. 
2. Detecting circuit breaker parameters of instant closing speed, instant opening speed, average speed etc.
3. Detecting circuit breaker parameters such as opening range, over run, over shoot, total range etc.
4. Detecting circuit breaker closing current, opening current curve and maximum current.
5. Detecting circuit breaker range-time curve, velocity-time curve, acceleration-time curve.
6. Detecting closing resistance value and engaged time. 
7. Measuring breaker circuit loop resistance. 
8. Measuring circuit breaker arc suppression contacts resistance, transition time and contact length. 
9. Measuring circuit breaker fracture dynamic resistance curve.
10. Circuit breaker vibration tests; including vibration fingerprint collection, management and automatic matching of vibration signals. 
11. Rated operating sequence verification tests of CO-t1-CO, O-t-CO-t1-CO, CO etc.  
12. Drawing reference mechanical stroke curve and envelope curve.
13. Automatic comparison of circuit breaker stroke curve. 
14. Measuring circuit breaker close-open time, open-close time, metal short-circuit time, no current time.
15. Measuring graphite contacts closing time, opening time, transition resistance. 
16. Rich data processing functions which can automatically finish operations such as collected graphics scaling, editing, statistics, analysis etc.
17. 12.1 inch large-screen display, full touch screen operation, built-in mini printer to print test reports timely.
18. Automatically generate WORD format test reports; all data and reports can be exported through U disk.

Technical Parameters:
1.12-way time measurement input channel in which 3 ways simultaneously support resistance contact and time contact, and 6 ways fully isolated from fracture to input; can simultaneously detect 4 grade series fracture.
2.Time Measurement
Measuring range: 4000ms; resolution: 0.01ms; max measurement error :<0.05ms.
3. Range sensor:
Non-contact sensor measuring range: 0 ~ 250mm; resolution: 0.02mm; error <0.2mm
Linear resistance scale measuring range: 0 ~ 250mm; resolution: 0.02mm; error <0.2mm
Linear resistance scale measuring range: 0 ~ 25mm; resolution: 0.01mm; error <0.5mm
Angle sensor measuring range: 0 to 360 degree; resolution: 0.01; error <0.1 degree
4. Closing resistance
Measurement range: 50 ~ 5000 Ω;measurement error <1
5. Dynamic resistance:
Test current: 25 ~ 100A; dynamic resistance measurement error <1% RDG + 5D
6. Loop resistance:
The maximum measurement range: 10mohm, measurement error <0.5% RDG + 5D
The maximum measurement range: 2mohm, measurement error <0.5% RDG +5D
7. Speed measuring range:0~20 m/s; measurement error <2%.
8. Coil current measurement:
Measuring range: 0~20A, resolution: 0.001A, error<0.01A
9.Vibration transmission signal:
Measuring range: 0 ~ 5000G, measurement error <5%