Circuit Breaker Mechanical Characteristics Tester CHR-303

Product Introduction:
CHR-303 high-voltage switch dynamic characteristics tester is a special instrument we developed to adapt to the need of site testing for high-voltage switch performance characteristic. It is based on SCM to take sample, process and output. Its main feature is adopting prompts of man-machine dialogue mode operation, displaying results and printing out. It has advantages of intellectualization, multi-function, accurate data, strong anti-interference, simple operating, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance etc. It is applicable to a variety of indoor, outdoor dynamic characteristics tests for less oil, more oil switch, vacuum switch, sulfur hexafluoride switch.

1. 12 fractures’ fixed opening, closing time;
2. Reclosing time;
3. Opening and closing max non-synchronism;
4. Instant opening, closing speed;
5. Bounce time and amplitude;
6. Switch open range and switch over range (vacuum switch preset switch range);
7. Average opening, closing speed;
8. Display and print speed - distance curve.

Technical Parameters
1. Time Measurement
Simultaneously measure fracture number: ≤12
Testing process setting time: 10ms-6m
Resolution: 0.1ms
2. Measuring switch open range, switch over range, bounce amplitude.
Range: 1000mm
Resolution: 1mm
3. Measurement error
Time measurement error: 1ms
Range measurement error: 1mm
4. Speed measurement range: 0~20m/s
5: Built-in power supply
Output voltage: 20V-260V; error: 1%
6.Working conditions
Operating voltage: AC220V 10A
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: ≤60w
Temperature: 040C 
Humidity: ≤80RH
7. Size: 400x350x200mm3;  Weight: 7kg.