Circuit Breaker Vibration Analyzer CBV-307

Product Introduction:
Breaker analyzer is an instrument used for parameters measuring of mechanical properties, loop resistance, arc suppression contact and vibration characteristics etc for AC high voltage switches such as power system circuit breaker, load switch and disconnector etc. It is also a comprehensive instrument for analysis and intelligent assessment. Instrument functions cover all the tested parameters items required by AC high voltage switches. Compared with the traditional circuit breaker dynamic characteristics tester, this breaker analyzer has the following unique new advantages.
(1) The integrated vibration test function provides users with a brand new circuit breaker mechanical properties testing method. Compared to traditional time measurement and speed measurement, vibration fingerprint detection is easier and more effective.
(2) Breaker information in the vibration fingerprint test results is richer. Can quickly locate the failure cause of breakers which has potential risk of fault or there is already fault.
(3) Circuit breaker vibration test does not need changing the original circuit breaker connection to achieve the live testing for circuit breaker mechanical properties.
(4) Arc suppression contact analysis module to allow users to automatically assess the wear degree of the circuit breaker internal arcing contacts without splitting the circuit breaker.
(5) Single instrument can finish the circuit breaker loop resistance measurement. Users no longer need to purchase loop resistance tester to reduce weight of site testing instruments and save users’ cost.

Technical Parameters:
1.12-way time measurement input channel in which 3 ways simultaneously support resistance contact and time contact, and 6 ways fully isolated from fracture to input; can simultaneously detect 4 grade series fracture.
2.Time Measurement
Measuring range: 4000ms; resolution: 0.01ms; max measurement error :<0.05ms.
3. Range sensor:
Linear resistance scale measuring range: 0 ~ 250mm; resolution: 0.01mm; error <0.5mm
Linear resistance scale measuring range: 0 ~ 25mm; resolution: 0.01mm; error <0.05mm
Angle sensor measuring range: 0 to 360 degree; resolution: 0.01; error <0.5 degree
Acceleration sensor measuring range: 0 ~ 250mm; resolution: 0.1mm; error<5%RDG+2D
4. Closing resistance
Measurement range: 50 ~ 5000 Ω;measurement error <1
5. Dynamic resistance:
Test current: 25 ~ 100A; dynamic resistance measurement error <1% RDG + 2D
6. Loop resistance:
The maximum measurement range: 10mohm, measurement error <0.5% RDG + 2D
The maximum measurement range: 2mohm, measurement error <0.5% RDG +2D
7. Speed measuring range: 
250mm linear resistance scale: 0~20 m/s; measurement error <0.5% RDG +2D
25mm linear resistance scale: 0~20 m/s; measurement error <0.5% RDG +2D
Angle sensor: 0~20 m/s; measurement error <0.5% RDG +2D
Acceleration sensor: 0~20 m/s; measurement error <0.5% RDG +2D
8. Coil current measurement:
Measuring range: 0~20A, resolution: 0.001A, error<0.01A
9. Vibration transmission signal measuring:
Measuring range: 0 ~ 5000G, measurement error <5%
10. Built-in DC power supply voltage output DC30 ~ 260V, output current: 0-20A
11. Built-in 8G storage space, two USB interfaces for data export and an external keyboard or mouse.
12. Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
13. Operation ambient temperature: -10 ~ 50 ℃, humidity <90%
14. Dimensions: 448 × 260 × 150mm Weight: <15kg