Circuit Breaker Analyzer CBV-307A

Product Introduction:
(1) The integrated vibration test function provides users with a brand new circuit breaker mechanical properties testing method. Compared to traditional time measurement and speed measurement, vibration fingerprint detection is easier and more effective.
(2) Breaker information in the vibration fingerprint test results is richer. Can quickly locate the failure cause of breakers which has potential risk of fault or there is already fault.
(3) Circuit breaker vibration test does not need changing the original circuit breaker connection to achieve the live testing for circuit breaker mechanical properties.
(4) Arc suppression contact analysis module to allow users to automatically assess the wear degree of the circuit breaker internal arcing contacts without splitting the circuit breaker.
(5) Single instrument can finish the circuit breaker loop resistance measurement. Users no longer need to purchase loop resistance tester to reduce weight of site testing instruments and save users’ cost.

Technical Parameters:
Circuit breaker analyzer is applied for parameter detection and analysis for AC high voltage breakers, load switches, disconnectors etc.

The main functions and features are as follows:
1. Detecting circuit breaker parameters such as closing time, opening time, time non-synchronization, bouncing etc. 
2. Detecting circuit breaker parameters of instant closing speed, instant opening speed, average speed etc.
3. Detecting circuit breaker parameters such as opening range, over run, over shoot, total range etc.
4. Detecting circuit breaker closing coil current, opening coil current curve and maximum coil current.
5. Detecting circuit breaker range-time curve, velocity-time curve, acceleration-time curve.
6. Detecting closing resistance value and engaged time. 
7. Measuring circuit breaker loop resistance. 
8. Measuring circuit breaker arc suppression contact transient time and contact length. 
9. Measuring circuit breaker fracture dynamic resistance curve.
10. Circuit breaker vibration tests including vibration fingerprint curve collection, management and automatic comparison of vibration fingerprint curve. 
11. Rated operating sequence verification tests of CO-t1-CO, O-t-CO-t1-CO, CO etc.  
12. Drawing reference mechanical stroke curve envelope curve.
13. Automatic comparison of circuit breaker mechanical stroke curve. 
14. Measuring circuit breaker close-open time (metal short-circuit time) and open-close time (no current time).
15. Measuring graphite contacts closing time, opening time, transient resistance curve. 
16. Rich data processing functions which can automatically finish operations such as collected graphics scaling, editing, statistics, analysis etc.
17. 12.1 inch large-screen display, full touch screen operation, built-in mini printer to print test reports timely.
18. Automatically generate WORD format test reports; all data and reports can be exported through U disk.