High-Voltage Switch Dynamic Characteristics Tester HVA-306

Product Introduction:
HVA-306 high-voltage switch dynamic characteristics tester is a special instrument we developed to adapt to the need of site testing for high-voltage switch performance characteristic. It is based on ARM7 to take sample, process and output. Its main feature is adopting prompts of man-machine dialogue mode operation, in English, graphic display for results and printing out. It has advantages of intellectualization, multi-function, accurate data, strong anti-interference, simple operating, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance etc. It is applicable to a variety of indoor, outdoor dynamic characteristics tests for less oil, more oil switch, vacuum switch, sulfur hexafluoride switch. HVA-306 high-voltage switch dynamic characteristics tester can be called high-voltage switch mechanical properties tester, switch mechanical properties tester, high voltage switch comprehensive tester, circuit breaker dynamic characteristics tester, circuit breaker comprehensive tester, high voltage switch time characteristics tester, high voltage switch characteristics tester, switch characteristics tester, circuit breaker tester, switch mechanical properties tester, switch parameter tester, high voltage switch dynamic characteristics tester. 

HVA-306 high-voltage switch dynamic characteristics tester has the following 
1. 12 fractures’ fixed opening, closing time;
2. Reclosing time;
3. Opening and closing in-phase non-synchronism and max non-synchronism;

4. Bounce time and vacuum switch bounce times;
5. Switch opening range and switch over range, closing overshoot range, opening rebound amplitude value;
6. Instant opening, closing speed;
7. The maximum opening, closing speed;
8. Opening, closing average speed;
9. Display and print speed - distance curve;
10. Operating current curve;
11. Built-in USB communication interface; can control test or upload test data through PC software;
12. Windows application software can automatically generate test reports of WORD format. 

Technical Parameters:
1. Time Measurement

Simutaneously measuring fracture numbers: ≤12
Setting time of determination process: 10ms-6 s
Resolution: 0.01ms
2. Switch opening range, switch over range, bounce amplitude measurements.
Range: 250mm
Resolution: 0.01mm
3. Measurement error
Time measurement error: 0.5
Range measurement error: 1mm
4. Speed measuring range: 0-20m / s
5. Built-in power supply
Output voltage: 20V-220V error: 1%
Output current: 0 ~ 20A;
6. Working conditions
Operating voltage: AC220V10
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: ≤60w
Temperature: 040C
Humidity: ≤90RH
Size: 400*350*200mm3 Weight: 7 Kg