Loop Resistance Tester LOP-100A

Product Introduction:
When using DC bridge testing contact resistance, current of only mA difficult to find a reduction defect of loop conductor cross-sectional area. When testing high voltage switch conductive circuit contact resistance, due to the effect of oil film and the oxide layer between the contacts, the measured value is several times larger and can not reflect the real value of the contact resistance. GB1984 and IEC62271 have clear requirements for high voltage circuit breaker contact resistance testing. It specifies when testing the circuit breaker loop resistance the test current is not less than 200A, and the closer the test is to the circuit breaker rated operating current, the more reliable the test results will be. 
Loop resistance tester uses the new digital switch power supply technology, and can produce 100A DC current output to the circuit breaker tested circuit. It is based on 4 wire method to quickly measure the contact resistance of circuit. Test results are displayed directly on the instrument LCD screen, and all test results can be printed by the built-in micro printer. Test results can also be stored on the instrument memorizer with the maximum storage space up to 100 groups. The test results can also be uploaded via RS232 interface to PC to be stored.

Technical Parameters:
1. Measuring range: 0-1999.9μΩ; Resolution: 0.1μΩ
2. Measuring Current: DC ≥100A
3. Accuracy: 0.5% RGD + 0.05% FS
4. Display: LCD display
5. Can store 100 groups of data
6. Operating mode: Continuous
7. Support RS232 data upload
8. Power: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
9. Size :( L × W × H mm) 340 × 280 × 210
10. Ambient temperature: -10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃; Relative humidity <80%
11. Weight: <10 kg