Time Calibrator TC-III

Product Introduction:
It can quickly and easily complete calibration for time relay, high-voltage switch tester, relay protection tester and various high-precision chronograph instrument. High-voltage switch tester is generally divided into two kinds: with own operating power supply and without operating power supply. And the one without operating power supply is divided into the following two kinds: with relay and without relay. The one with relay is called "active", and the one without relay is called "passive". High-voltage switch tester with operating power supply adjusts the operation power to 110V or 220V, after set according to the requirements of tested instrument, press "Clear off" on "Time calibrator", later operate high voltage switch tester and show results. Without operating power supply high-voltage switch tester "active", "passive" are as same as above, but when it is "passive", you need to press the closing button of time calibrator, then the results would be displayed .

Technical Parameters:
Calibration time: 1ms - 9999.99ms; bounce time: 1ms - 99ms
2. Resolution: 0.01ms; error: 0.2%
3. Trigger level: DC5V, 12V, 24V, 110V, 220V (optional)
4. Stop level: DC5V, 12V. (Optional)
5. Built-in power supply: DC20V - 260V (error of 1%)
6. Power supply: AC198V-230V
7. Environmental conditions: Frequency 50HZ; Power ≤60W; maximum ≤2000W (instantaneous power)
8. Working conditions: temperature of 10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃; Humidity ≤85% RH
9. Storage and transportation conditions: temperature of-20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃; Humidity ≤85% RH
10. Size: 400mm * 320mm * 230mm
11. Weight: 7Kg