Vacuum Switch Vacuum Degree Tester VCM-IV

Product Introduction:
Power frequency withstanding method is a common method for vacuum circuit breaker user to determine whether the vacuum tube vacuum degree has been degraded or not. This method is only able to determine the arc chute whose vacuum degree has serious deterioration. When vacuum degree is deteriorated to 10-2--10-1Pa,although the breakdown voltage is not decreased, the arc chute is already disqualified. VCM-IV vacuum degree tester adopts new type excitation coil magnetron discharge method to test the vacuum degree of arc chute with no need to tear down the arc chute. And it uses computer for synchronization control and data acquisition process so that the field test sensitivity of vacuum degree of arc chute is up to 10-4-10-1Pa. The most prominent feature is the use of new type excitation coil and data processing method to achieve unloaded vacuum degree measuring. The instrument is convenient to use, easy to operate, for disassembled measuring, of high precision etc. It is a kind of practical testing instrument widely used in departments who use real switches, such as electricity, steel, petrochemical, textile, coal, railways and so on.
Make some opening range between the two contacts of arc chute. Apply pulse high voltage: put arc chute in a solenoid coil or put the new magnetic coil outside of the arc chute, apply magnetic field voltage to the coil, thus produce a pulse magnetic field synchronized with high voltage in the arc chute. In this way, under the effect of pulse strong magnetic field and strong electric field, electrons in the arc chute do spiral motion and make a collision ionization with residual gas molecules. Generated ions power supply is nearly in proportion to the residual gas density (vacuum degree). For different model of vacuum tubes (tube type), due to their different structure, under conditions of the same contact opening range, same vacuum degree, same electric and magnetic fields, ions power supply size is different. Through experiments the corresponding relationship curve can be calibrated between various tube models’ vacuum degree and ions power supply. After measuring the ion current, you can check the tube model’s ion current - vacuum degree curve to get the vacuum degree of that tube model .

Technical Parameters:
1. Detected object: vacuum switch tube of various models.
2. Detection method: use the new excitation coil to finish the vacuum switch tube measurement without disassembly.
3. Range of application: this instrument is for multi-uses and can measure a variety of models of vacuum switch.
4. Detection range: 10-4--10-1Pa.
5. Measurement accuracy: 10-4--10-3Pa, 25%. 10-3--10-2Pa, 20%. 10-2--10-1Pa, 15%.
6. Switch tube open range when testing vacuum degree : normal use open range.
7. Operating environment: -20 ℃ - 40 ℃
8. Weight: 15kg
9. Dimensions: 420X320X280 (mm)