Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester Tester ZOAT-II

MOA tester is applied to inspect the zinc oxide lightning arrester in power station or factory. The tester read voltage value of arrester from system voltage transformer and read current from discharge counter of arrester (or from internal standard resistance internal the tester) to calculate the parameters of sample arrester. All the tester results could be printed by the micro printer.
Technical parameters:
1 AC input voltage measurement range(RMS):         20-220V
2 Total leakage current measurement range (RMS):        0-10mA
3 Resistant leakage current measurement range (RMS):     0-10mA
4 Capacitive leakage current measurement range (RMS):    0-10mA
5 Total leakage current harmonic component measurement range (RMS):0-10mA
6 Measurement errors for voltage and current:<2%RDG + 1D
7 Power supply: AC220V±10 % 50Hz/60Hz (Battery support optional)
8 Environment temperature: 0~50°C
9 Humidity: ≤85%RH
10 Weight: 10KG