Portable Wave Recorder RCD-602

Product Introduction:
Waveform recorder is the transient signal recording apparatus developed for power system applications. The internal software is preset with test templates for generator commissioning. It is convenient for users to complete process recordings such as generator three-phase short-circuit characteristic curve, no-load characteristic curve, load rejection test, quasi-synchronization check test, excitation system disturbance test, excitation system frequency voltage characteristic test, excitation system field discharge time constant measuring, generator inlet phase test, generator rotor AC impedance test, power analysis test, excitation system PSS test, motor start-up test, transformer impulse test, power system troubleshooting etc.
The instrument has abundant software components to help users finish operations such as graphical analysis, combination operation, effective value calculation, AC power calculation, three-phase symmetry analysis, spectral analysis, harmonic analysis, curve correlation analysis, graphic editing and  phasor diagram drawing. Test data and analysis results can generate WORD/EXCEL test reports, and can also be exported as JPG pictures through software, convenient for users to analyze and process the test results deeply.
The instrument has 12 way analog input, 12-way active switch value input and 3-way switch value output signals. The highest sampling frequency can be up to 100KHZ, and can satisfy the transient signals recording requirements of various power system tests. And all of the analog channels are isolated with each other to avoid that any connection problem of potential points causes any fault out of the tested system.

Technical Parameters:
1.Channel input voltage range, choose voltage or current signal type, through software
2.Signal acquisition error
-400V~400V  error<0.5V
-200V~200V  error<0.2V
-10V~10V    error<0.01V
-20mA~20mA error<0.02mA
-100mA~100mA error<0.2mA
3. 12-way active node switching value measurement channel with switching value signal range of DC12-220V.
4. 3-way switching value output channel with the largest output breaking capacity up to AC220V/1A.
5. 12.1 inch large color screen display;  touch screen to achieve man-machine interaction. 
6. Instrument comes with 8G data storage space.