Waveform Recorder RCD-602

Product Introduction:
The instrument has a powerful software system. The system achieves data collection, data compression storage, waveform analysis and statistics, graphing tool, spectrum analysis tool, wave combination calculation tool, harmonic analysis, effective value calculation, power calculation, three-phase symmetry analysis, phase diagram tool etc. The instrument is also called: oscillograph; electric power wave recorder; portable wave recorder, electric quantity recording analyzer, waveform recorder, portable waveform recorder; transient wave recorder; transient waveform recorder; electric quantity recorder; electric quantity waveform recorder; generator characteristic test recorder; generator characteristics tester etc.

1. The spectrum analysis tool allows users to easily access signal spectrum graph.
2. You can arbitrarily select signal as X-axis, Y-axis drawing signal relation curve.
3. Calculate effective value and power of selected channel signal.
4. Symmetry analysis of the selected three-phase signal.
5. Automatic generate WORD test reports and EXCEL reports.
6. Test reports can automatic identify the curve to achieve full automation of test reports making.
7. Names and units of all sampling channel can be redefined.
8. Various test environment settings and instrument settings to be automatically saved.
9. Automatically calculate test parameters of various test templates.
10. Simple and convenient channel filtering.
11. Use U disk or removable hard drives or other storage devices to easily export test data.

Technical Parameters:
1. Signal acquisition error:
-400V ~ 400V  error <0.5V
-200V ~ 200V  error <0.2V
-10V ~ 10V  error <0.01V
-20mA ~ 20mA  error <0.02mA
-100mV ~ 100mV  error <0.2mV
2. Indirect calculated data error:
Frequency measurement 30-170Hz, error <0.1Hz
Active power/reactive power measurement: 0.5% RDG + 0.05% FS
Direct measurement generator power angle error <3 degrees
Indirect measurement generator power angle error <8 degree
3. 12-way active node switching value measurement channel with switching value signal range of DC12-220V
4. 3-way switching value output channel with the largest output breaking capacity of AC220V/1A
5. Split type cabinet structure; Operating terminal is convenient for users to control test and analyze data
6. Two USB ports for data download or keyboard/mouse input.
7. 12.1 inch large color screen display; touch screen to achieve man-machine interaction. 
8. With 8G data storage space.
9. Sampling channel input impedance:
-10V~10V voltage tap position, input impedance 820kΩ
-200V~200V voltage tap position, input impedance 820kΩ
-400V~400V voltage tap position, input impedance 820kΩ
-20mA~20mA current tap position, input impedance 50Ω
-100mA~100mA voltage tap position, input impedance>10M