Turbine Governor System Simulation Tester TGST-202

Product introduction:
TGST-202 turbine control system simulation tester is a comprehensive test platform for the hydro-power control system and the hydroelectric automatic synchronization system, It can complete test projects such as no-load swing, no-load disturbance, load shedding, fixed time of the system,  and  the governor static characteristic, relay switch laws, simulation on/off support, frequency dead-band measuring, load response test and tracking grid one time FM. It automatically generates various types of test report. TGST-202 also can be used as general wave record apparatus and frequency generator, and the system can achieve 4 KHZ sampling frequency ,which greatly expands the scope of use of the instrument, and enhances the flexibility of the instrument .
TGST-202 integrates five different types of turbine unit models. The instrument can perform simulation capabilities of these models, and be constituted a closed loop system with governor. So it is convenient for governor without connecting real unit to complete the dynamic detection .

Technical parameters:
TGST-202 has a strong software system, in to ensure that the instrument can easily complete all kinds of tests at the same time, greatly improve the flexibility and versatility of the instrument. The main features of the software system of instruments can be summarized as follows: 
1 .Instrument can automatically generate Word test report and Excel test report.
2 .Test report can automatically identify curve to make test report making fully automatic.
3 .All sampling channel and the name of the unit can be redefined
4 .All kinds of test environment setup and instrument Settings automatically saved
5 .Built-in mixed flow and axial flow impeller, impact type, tubular and nonlinear 5 kinds of unit model; meet the simulation support of different types of governor.
6 .Automatically calculate parameters of various kinds of test
7. Easy and convenient way of channel filter set
8. Use USB flash disk or mobile hard disk storage device conveniently export test data
9. Real-time rendering test curve, and improve a variety of curve analysis tools, allows users to arbitrary curve location and scale operation
10. Windows XPE operating system, can realize self protection and recovery software system, prevent virus and erosion
11. Anti-shake treatment is adopted to avoid user’s incorrect operation
12. Real-time monitor the input signal; automatic resection input signal in time which is over the range; protect signal acquisition channel and instrument.